Alcoholics Anonymous Sweden

If you want to drink, that’s your business.
If you want to stop, we can help.

Alcoholics Anonymous (English-speaking groups of Sweden)

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You’ll want to determine for yourself whether or not alcohol has truly become a problem for you. And remember that you will always be most welcome to join the millions of men and women in A.A. who have put their drinking problems behind them – and now lead lives of constructive, day-by-day sobriety.

If you decide you want help, do feel free to attend any of the many AA meetings in a city near you. Meetings are listed as “open” and “closed“. Closed Meeting: is intended for alcoholics and for those with an alcohol problem who have a desire to stop drinking. An Open Meeting: is intended for alcoholics and non alcoholics e.g. family, friends and anyone interested in AA.

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Link to English Language AA Meetings in Sweden

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